Bespoke Courses with  Mary Broddle Embroidery

Every group is different therefore I can tailor the course to suit your needs.  

I demonstrate the techniques needed, even how to thread a needle for total beginners.  I guide you through your embroidery journey and help you learn the skills to realise your vision.  

I’ve come across a lot of people who are nervous to try embroidery, worried that they won’t be able to do it well enough.  That doesn’t matter!  We don’t have to be perfect in all our endeavours.  Just try, and learn as you go.  That’s what I did and am still doing.

Suitable for

  • Corporate Teams
  • Children’s Parties
  • WIs
  • Hen Dos
  • Children’s groups, ie Scouts, Brownies
  • Groups of Friends

I have full DBS checks.  

Contact me to discuss your requirements.  

“Mary’s class was a lovely way to get together over Zoom and achieve something at the same time. She made us all feel at ease, it didn’t matter if we were beginners or sewing experts and we all ended up with a lovely piece of art to keep”

Courses for Team Wellbeing

Why Embroidery?

  • Proven to improve wellbeing and reduce stress
  • A mindful and inclusive activity
  • Bring a focus to team meetings on Zoom/Teams
  • Engages introverts, not just extroverts
  • Learning new skills
  • Builds confidence

Bespoke Approach

  • Tailored to meet your needs
  • In person or online
  • Suitable for complete beginners
  • I will teach everything needed
  • Kits of materials and equipment provided
  • Either Mindful Stitching or Hoop Art themes
  • Commissioned themes welcomed 

One off or regular sessions

For corporate teams I can offer one off sessions which are great for team building.  Everyone learning new skills and producing a piece of art work to take home.

I can also offer regular sessions, ie weekly or monthly, which can give your team a chance to relax and interact without the usual day to day pressures of business.  I can facilitate this in person or online, leading people on their embroidery journey over a period of time.      

Mindful Stitching

Inspired by traditional Japanese and Indian embroidery techniques this course is more about the process of stitch than an overall design.   

Let your needle and thread move through the fabric without overthinking its path. (I promise you’ll be pleased with the end result and happy to show it off).    The calming effect this has is a form of mindfulness and can help you relax.   

Hoop Art 

Hoop art is the on trend take on embroidery. I have a library of designs that that can be stitched in a couple of hours.

Suitable for complete beginners, I will even teach you how to thread the needle and tie a knot if needed. Most designs will be completed in the session. 

General Embroidery Teaching

Do you have an idea, a kit, a vision of something you want to make?  Benefit from my extensive experience of different techniques. Sign up to this course and I will guide you as to how to achieve it.   

About kits and materials 

Kits and materials packs will include all necessary equipment, i.e. wooden embroidery hoops, needles, needle threader, scissors, etc.  I use repurposed fabric where possible and/or appropriate. 

If a course is to be delivered online materials will be mailed in advance.  

"“Embroidery is brilliant for depression because it allows you to have something to show for your time. So even though it could be small, when you hold something in your hand that you have made it is a symbol of value. It says ‘you have value’. It says ‘this is something I have made’.

Emma Kenny - TV Psychologist and Presenter

"In our social media age, as we become more physically distanced from each other, sewing is a safeguard to isolation, a way to stay in touch with each other: hand and mind working in harmony to convey what lies in our hearts. For me and others, it sustains not just a sense of self but of belonging."

Clare Hunter - Threads of Life: a History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle

"The physical act of stitching also means we cannot dither around online, being sucked into social media rabbit holes. Nor are we watching television. This screen-free time is immensely important to our sense of wellbeing. When we employ mindful stitching, we are also making time for ourselves. This is crucial, especially for the perpetually busy."

Laura Turnbull - The Crewel Work Company

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