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Mary Broddle Embroidery

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What I Do

Learn contemporary embroidery to relax, create and find your ‘me time’

With Mary Broddle Embroidery I want to share my passion for embroidery and help others find the enjoyment and mental health benefits it has afforded me. 

Through my courses I hope to create a community of people who want to take time for themselves, connect with their innate creativity (we all have some, even if buried deep) and enjoy the process of stitching together.  Think of the old sewing circles, that were once so prevalent in the USA or when women in Scotland would get together to work wool. 

Embroidery is a creative pastime for all ages.  There is a big community of stitchers making amazing contemporary art, and even many subversive designs, turning the concept of cross-stitched crinoline ladies on its head.  


Mental Health Benefits

In a pandemic afflicted world we have all had a moment to pause and take stock.  Many of us rush around our lives cramming in as much as possible: work, family commitments, social engagements, etc.  Our minds are left buzzing to such an extent that we find it hard to relax at the end of the day 

I know that many of my friends reach for a glass of wine/beer/G&T to help unwind in the evening.  But better for body and soul is the mindful occupation of embroidery. 

The mindful action of pulling thread through fabric helps calm the thoughts and let you relax.  With the bonus that you have created something beautiful.  You don’t need a dedicated space.  A seat on the sofa with good lighting is all that is necessary. 

"“Embroidery is brilliant for depression because it allows you to have something to show for your time. So even though it could be small, when you hold something in your hand that you have made it is a symbol of value. It says ‘you have value’. It says ‘this is something I have made’.

Emma Kenny - TV Psychologist and Presenter

"In our social media age, as we become more physically distanced from each other, sewing is a safeguard to isolation, a way to stay in touch with each other: hand and mind working in harmony to convey what lies in our hearts. For me and others, it sustains not just a sense of self but of belonging."

Clare Hunter - Threads of Life: a History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle

"The physical act of stitching also means we cannot dither around online, being sucked into social media rabbit holes. Nor are we watching television. This screen-free time is immensely important to our sense of wellbeing. When we employ mindful stitching, we are also making time for ourselves. This is crucial, especially for the perpetually busy."

Laura Turnbull - The Crewel Work Company

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