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Mindful Stitching

What is it?

Inspired by traditional Japanese and Indian techniques, my Mindful Stitching concept is about the process of hand embroidery rather than an overall design.

Letting your needle and thread move through the fabric without overthinking its path.

The calming effect this has is a form of mindfulness, aiding relaxation and reducing stress.

Why try it?

No design, no right or wrong way. Doodle with thread and learn embroidery stitches.  The mindful action of embroidery is proven to help wellbeing.  You relax whilst you practise, with no worry about perfectionism.

Making embroidery accessible

I have carefully thought through all aspects of Mindful Stitching to make it as accessbile as possible.  The equiment, threads and materials used are all considered.


I have taught people aged from 4 to 99.  Mindful Stitching can be adapted to everyone and all groups.

embroidery hoop

Sashiko & darning

Visible Mending

What is it?

In a nutshell it is making a feature of the repairs made to clothes.

Be it patching a hole in your jeans, darning a worn elbow on your jumper or hiding a small hole in your or stain with embroidery, they all extend the wearable life of the garment; as well as customising it and making your clothes unique.

I welcome mending commissions from the Nottingham area.

Sashiko Patching

Using the Japanese technqiues of Sashiko stitching and Boro patching, there are many ways to cover the hole in your clothes and bring strength and integriy back to the fabric (especially with jeans).

My take sashiko is one of function over perfection.  I use perle threads that are hard wearing, washable and come in hundreds of colours. 

Beautiful & functional repairs using time tested techniques.  



Look after your knits and they will look after you.  Darning is a great way to add pizzazz and  functional mending to your clothes.  

From bright varigated threads that stand out, to those blues and greys that match the colour of your best designer jumper.  

Using robust perle threads, the darning will be hard wearing and washable. 

sew at your leisure


About the kits

My kits are designed to be accessible to complete beginners and experienced stitchers alike. 

Follow the instruction videos, try your and and learn how to embroider. 

  • Contemporay hoop art designs
  • Mindful Stitching 
  • Sashiko Mending

There are a variety of contemporay designs, including some for younger children. 

Each will teach you new embroidery stitches in a clear way.

Instruction Videos

Kits contain a booklet with links to comprehensive subtitled instruction videos.  All you need to access them is a smart phone or device that can read QR codes and access YouTube.      

Materials & equipment

Kits include all necessary equipment and materials needed, ie wooden embroidery hoops, needles, needle threader, etc.  All you need are scissors.

I only use quality materials and equipment as I belive it enhances your sewing experinces and leads to a better embroidery for you to be proud of.   



Hand embroidery expertise


Visible mending repairs

From patching the warn areas of  your favourite jeans to darning the moths holes in your best knitwear, I can extend the life of your garments. 

Get in touch for a quote.  

Wedding personalisation

Do you want personalisation of an item for a wedding? My expertise in tradtional hand embroidery allows me to add that touch of something to your special day.  

From your married name on your favourite denim jacket, initials on your hen party pjs to the dates of your nuptials on your veil, I can embroider your special moments, the way you want.  

Contact me to ask for an online consultation and a quote.  

Individual tuition

Do you have an idea for an embroidery project,  but not sure where to start?

Are you wanting to learn somehting specific, but can’t make my classes?

Get in touch and we can arrange a one to one session; either in person or over Zoom.

Individual tuition

My experitise in traditonal hand embroidery means I can produce beautiful needlwork in many ways.  

If there is something you would like to have made, get in touch and lets talk!

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