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Develop your stitching skills


About the courses

Courses can be via Zoom or in person; in small groups.  This will allow people to be inspired by each others progress and ideas, as well as the opportunity for a natter.   

What you'll learn

I will demonstrate the techniques needed, even how to thread a needle for total beginners.  I will guide you through your embroidery journey and help you learn the skills to realise your vision.   

Materials & equipment

Course packs, containing all materials and equipment, are provided and can be purchased seperately.

sew at your leisure


About the kits

My kits are designed to be accessible to beginners.  Follow the instruction videos, try your and and learn how to embroider.

Instruction Videos

Kits contain a booklet with links to comprehensive subtitled instruction videos.  All you need to access them is a smart phone or device that can read QR codes and access YouTube.      

Materials & equipment

Kits and materials packs will include all necessary equipment, ie wooden embroidery hoops, needles, needle threader, etc.  I use repurposed fabric where possible and/or appropriate.

embroidery hoop

Handmade gifts and home decor

Textile Art

Unique, handmade gifts

I create a variety of pieces utilising fabrics and threads that catch my eye. From hoop art to statement cushions and more. Where possible I repurpose materials. Each item is handmade and unique.

Buy online

Buy hand made gifts in my online shop.

Commission a bespoke piece


Personalised textile art

I can produce personalised textile art that makes a unique gift for a love one. 

Needlework commissions

Commisions welcome. Be it a gift for a loved one or home decor to add a special touch. Contemporary or more tradional. Contact me directly to discuss ideas and see how I can help you produce the special piece. We will then discuss requirements to allow and cost and timescale to be quoted.

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Family heirlooms of the future

Bespoke Quilts

Liberty fabric quilts

Using traditional methods to hand piece beautiful Liberty cotton fabric and produce heirlooms of the future. Be it baby blankets, sofa throws etc. Using only top quality materials and hand made with care.

T-shirt quilts

A great way to capture memories: from baby clothes to band t-shirts or marathon entries. Don’t leave your memories in a drawer – have them made into something to be used and seen.


Each quilt is made to order. The material choices, patterns, size etc can be determined through prior discussion, to allow and cost and timescale to be quoted. A 50% deposit is required upon order.


Mental Health Benefits

In a pandemic afflicted world we have all had a moment to pause and take stock.  Many of us rush around our lives cramming in as much as possible: work, family commitments, social engagements, etc.  Our minds are left buzzing to such an extent that we find it hard to relax at the end of the day 

I know that many of my friends reach for a glass of wine/beer/G&T to help unwind in the evening.  But better for body and soul is the mindful occupation of embroidery. 

The mindful action of pulling thread through fabric helps calm the thoughts and let you relax.  With the bonus that you have created something beautiful.  You don’t need a dedicated space.  A seat on the sofa with good lighting is all that is necessary. 

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